Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How To Deal With Holiday Stress 

1. Manage Your Expectations
2. Let the Little Things Slide
3. Call A Truce by:
- Calmly Discussing Your Grievance
- Using an Intermediary if Necessary
- Understand Where Your Anger is Coming to Avoid Over-Reacting
- Be Direct About What is Upsetting You Instead of Acting in a Passive/Aggressive Manner
4. Ask for Help (When it comes to preparing the meal, getting the house ready etc)
5. Stick to a Schedule (So that everyone knows what time to arrive, what is expected etc)
6. Be Thankful for What's Good In Your Life
7. Strike a Balance Between All Inclusiveness & Harmony (When it comes to inviting divorced family members)
8. Attempt to Integrate All Members Holiday Rituals

* Adapted from AOL Health

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