Thursday, January 13, 2005

How to Score Points with Your Partner... 

*** Rules of the Game

Ever tried to do something nice for your partner, only to have it backfire? Remember that little things are just as important as big things to a woman, and men value acceptance most.

Score Points with the Woman in Your Life

Scoring points with a woman is a matter of redirecting the energy and attention you’re already giving:

1. Say thank you.
2. Display affection in public.
3. Offer to help her when she’s tired.

When He Makes a Mistake

This is the best time to score points with a man
1. Don’t say “I told you so,” Say “Its okay.”
2. Accept apologies lovingly.
3. Notice and appreciate the little things he does.

Getting it Out on Paper

Writing down your feelings eases negative emotions.

1. Draft a few sentences about anger, sadness, fear, regret and love.
2. Speak in simple terms.
3. Write any needs or wants in a P.S.

*** Adapted from John Gray, Better Life, Family and Relationships Coach

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