Wednesday, April 21, 2004

How Do We Explain Chemistry? 

Often clients will pontificate on what draws them to their mate or what makes interpersonal chemistry spark. Below you'll find an interesting take from an article written by Dee Anne Merriman:

"In organic chemistry, opposites may attract. But in romantic chemistry, likes attract. Its that law of similar attraction that helps work the magic. When two people meet, it is their similarities in the four areas of chemistry (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) that will increase the chance of a "chemical click."

While similarities certainly increase the likelihood of a chemical reaction, I also believe that exploring unconscious processes can help explain attraction. We are often unconsciously drawn to those persons that we feel can fulfill our needs that have gone unmet from childhood. This work is complicated and sometimes painful but can often reveal deeper reasons for attraction that can be resolved over time so that relationship mistakes don't have to be repeated.

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